The Wondergaze Split

by B.O.T.S. & Celebration Guns

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released October 4, 2014

Produced By: B.O.T.S. & Celebration Guns
Mastered By: Jalipaz
Photography: Matt Parchinski
Art Layout: Ian Kelman

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B.O.T.S. Mesa, Arizona

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Track Name: B.O.T.S. - Niagro Punk Ops
Go on walking
Move on
Why aren't you scared

You've gone nowhere
Heart's off dreaming through the stares

Go on taunting
You can go on
No one else is here

The expense of good times
I'm not sure what worth a good fight

Talking all the same words we spoke before
Lost in all the ways that help us get along

Go on walking
Move on
Why aren't you scared

Go on taunting
You can go on
No one else is here
Track Name: B.O.T.S. - Music Lessons
Having your cake and eating it to
You'll bend the rules when it's you on the ropes again
From darkness to light
You offer a ruse to those who knew you well

Do you like spending your time
Hiding truth behind rhymes
Have you learned nothing at all

You've done enough talking
You carved a life longing
For shortcuts and all the wrong to-dos

You've done enough conning
A lifetime of wanting
Everything we could offer up to you
As you lock yourself away again

Dues paid with time
Truth found you
At last you'll try

Something that's honorable, legit, responsible
Adjectives you haven't tried
Pardon my tone when it's over
I will forgive

Something deceitful as thievery through story tales
And promises of ROI
I've been thinking when it's over
I won't forget

The pain that you caused to our mother's heart
Broken in two
The stories you told about stabbings
And all the sad things you'd do

You struck a chord and got my sympathy
Track Name: Celebration Guns - Old Habits
old habits die hard
best get rid of 'em when you're still young
you won't get too far
holding it against your ambivalence

of course you found excuses
it forced you to feel blameless
Track Name: Celebration Guns - Former Lover
different times entertained
but our efforts were in vain
different times when my voice
was a chorus of your pain

different days entertained
but our efforts were in vain
when the choice wasn't clear
but a whisper in my ear

I was desperate to run for cover
or the comfort of another
but you chose a different way
in the guise of a former lover

remember we both were kids
we each played a part in it

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